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A winter tale of charity and extreme makeovers

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Just when winter had started to show, when the fallen snow was letting us know holidays were coming and the cold was trying to convince everyone to go back to sleep, in the Asociaţia Familia Regăsită’s Center (AFR) in Cluj-Napoca there was a big fuss. Fluffy toys, notebooks, books, colored pencils, mugs, plates, clothes or pieces of furniture … things that had been there for the longest time were taking their goodbyes from the children that had been using them so long. Nevertheless, everyone was smiling. They all knew things were soon be looking up …

Just like a miracle, early the next day, a team of qualified workers with years of experience behind them – when it comes to restoring historical buildings and building new residential ones from zero – started to work on the most ambitious project for a building they had ever encountered… Ahhh… lest we forget! If amongst those reading this article there are people who have not managed to guess which team we are referring too, we can reveal their names – in case you are interested in a future collaboration: the Office Depot Charity Team. We also need to mention that this all started because of their desire to change the existing computers in the AFR Center.

After the stage was set, and each of them had their tasks, the more colorful part of the activity began: the painting roller or the brush could barely keep up with those magic makers who transformed one by one, doors, walls, ceilings and chairs. We should probably also mention that the paint that got on their own clothes could have probably been used for an entire room, at least. In order for this project to be successful, a variety of professionals in carpentry, plumbing, tiling were brought in – and this time we really do mean real professionals. There were moments of tiredness, small gashes or superficial incidents but these were not taken seriously. They were actually made fun of and managed to energize everyone who was present. Therefore, for an entire week, the AFR Center became a secondary work place for the volunteers – it was a place where they gladly came, knowing that each item they fixed, wall they painted or cupboard they changed would bring great joy to the children who would benefit from them.

A few days before the winter holidays, the Charity Team in Office Depot had managed – with the funds raised by selling the old computers of the company, from the Charity Football and Tennis Cup and the OD 5 Years Charity Party – to finalize the project called ¨The Extreme Makeover of the AFR Center¨. The efforts of all the volunteers were fully rewarded by the joy visible on the face of every child. You may check out the film of the entire operation here.

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