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Building your career

If you’re motivated to build a career, and not just looking for a job, Office Depot is the perfect place for you! Professional development and complex knowledge is a real opportunity in our company and not just an empty slogan. Providing essential training opportunities to our amazing employees is an important part of our success as a company. As a result, one of the main goals is to provide the tools for growth, in order to keep the #PeopleOfOfficeDepot challenged, motivated, and engaged.

Training opportunities

At Office Depot, you will be able to take advantage of a wide array of training programs in the areas of language training, manager effectiveness, leadership development, communication and presentation skills, plus mentoring and coaching programs.

Career path

When it comes to progress, we have a defined career path with transparent promotion criteria for every position. Anyone can actively work towards their next role and the rules are the same for all, as we believe the only limits that you have in your career at Office Depot are those that you set yourself!