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The June Campaign: Food, Fairs, Football and Funds!

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The two campaigns organized to raise money and gifts exceeded the expectations of both the Board and the beneficiaries, thus paving the way to a very fruitful collaboration with its main partner, United Way. How was it possible? The unique abilities and dedication of the Charity Board members and of the SSC associates, their creative ideas and active involvement turned fundraising events into personal growth opportunities, social events and teambuildings.

Such was the whole June campaign, which included the “Sweet Hours Food Fair” (so highly rated that it was repeated two weeks later under the name “Great Tastes of Office Depot – Just Cook It!”), an event where the SCC associates offered their colleagues particular and enticing home-cooked meals in exchange for donations; the “Charity Football Cup” – in which the organizers also involved other larger companies such as Nokia, Genpact, Napolact and Endava; the “Charity Karaoke Party” – which was both a great opportunity to raise funds and a perfect occasion for getting together and having a blast; and the “Stop and Buy Art Fair” – where handcrafted objects and accessories, along with photo and paintings exhibitions were presented and sold to the benefit of those in need. Donations were also accepted outside the organized events, and the Board always made sure such generous offers received other rewards too, besides the personal satisfaction of having helped someone in need.

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