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Raise a Smile – the 2012 Charity Campaign

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While in 2010 we focused on fundraising, and in 2011 on volunteering and raising awareness, we deemed we were ready in 2012 to combine the two approaches in one successful initiative of increasing time and money contributions for a great cause – that of helping underpriviledged children have a happier life. We continued the collaboration with FRCCF (The Romanian Foundation for Children, Community and Family) while we also also started collaborating with AFR (the Family Reunited Association) and constantly considerd new ideas and local associations as future partners.

The 2012 “Raise a smile” Charity Campaign is the most complex OD Charity campaign so far. It is an all year long campaign which involves the Shared Service Center associates in activities such as the Charity Piggy Bank, the H2O Movie Night, the Holiday All Inclusive Food Fair, the Charity Sports Cup, and the Back to School Charity Party.

Initially, this plan sounded ambitious even to the Charity Board members; however, the first event – the June Charity Piggy Bank – had such incredible results that it is safe to say we are on the right track to reach our objectives. This project consisted of getting everyone on board: it was a charity fundraising competition between teams, at the end of which there were symbolic prizes for the most creative teams, most well-fed piggy bank, and the most appealing design of a piggy bank. This event alone raised over 2,000 euros, an all time high!! We are happy the OD SSC associates are very generous, and they now feel more involved and responsible than ever before for improving our community and its standards of living.

The following event was the Holiday All Inclusive Food Fair, at the end of July, where again a lot of OD associates volunteered to help raise money for our causes. We had an incredibly wide and tasty range of dishes, home-made by our own colleagues. Among the signature dishes were crêpes au fromage, vargabèles, banana bread, Italian focaccine, club sandwitches, fruit salad, and chocolate cheese cake. Yummy! We also benefitted from the exceptional assistance of a great team of volunteers who helped us organize the event in the most delicious way.

Interactive projects were not left out: children from AFR were invited both to present their hand-made artwork (at the end of July), as well as to teach OD associates how to do it themselves. And so we got the opportunity to increase our value on the market by learning another exciting métier: quilling! On August 21 and 22, Office Depot was the host of quilling crash-courses led by the great children of AFR!

Our future projects within the 2012 campaign will be as thrilling and hopefully at least as successful, but we will not disclose any more details yet, lest we spoil the surprise for our colleagues and not offer them as much fun !

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