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At Office Depot’s Shared Service Center (SSC) we currently support the financial operations at a pan-European level. With a team of over 400 associates, we support the operations for 12 European countries, using 6 languages (English, French, Spanish, Italian, German and Dutch). The Cluj SSC is the first of this kind Office Depot has opened in the world and it is for the time being the only office the company has in Romania.

Up to 80% of our scope is finance-related, but we have gradually extended our area of operations and today’s landscape can be briefly described as it follows:


1. Finance

Accounts Payable
The role of the Accounts Payable department within Office Depot is to keep the company’s good name as a client. The main tasks of the department are to record and approve invoices from our vendors, to process payments and to manage suppliers relations.

Accounts Receivable
This department manages risk by auditing new accounts, processing orders on hold, establishing and monitoring the credit limits of the clients, and also collects and allocates cash from outstanding accounts.

General Ledger

The GL team works as a link between our local Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable (Cash Applications and Credit&Collections) teams, and the accounting teams in the countries we support, being responsible for intercompany reconciliation services, fixed assets, bank reconciliations, reporting and general accounting services.


2. Sales Operations Support

Data Management Services

Our DMS department takes care of the account set up and maintenance of Contract customers for UK, DACH, Benelux and France.


3. eCommerce and Marketing Operations

Master Data Management

The role of the MDM department is to create and maintain products in all our internal systems starting from creating a non-physical SKU (stock keeping unit) to making it visible to the client on the websites and catalogues. We ensure data integrity and process compliance for each of the countries where Office Depot is active.

eSupport Web 

Our eSupport Web department provides services and support that help maximize our customer’s use of our webshop solutions. We’re committed to answering and resolving customer’s inquiry in a dependable, timely manner.


4. Customer Services

Data Order Entry

Our Data Order Entry Department takes care of all fax orders for small and medium businesses and Contract customers for DACH.

European Contact Center Operations 

The primary focus of the European Contact Center Operations team is to support the various business units and countries on their processes with the technology and infrastructure in use.

This entails business process engineering, system configuration, technical incident management around the various SaaS solutions based on SLA, project management and support, and managing frequent change requests from internal/external customers.


5. Other Operations

The SSC has also acquired several pan-European support positions in fields such as: financial analysis, business process improvement, project management, legal and HR analytics. To support these operational departments, we also have a team formed by Human Resources, Finance, Facilities and IT.


At Office Depot, we take care of people. At gist, our Cluj Center is a dynamic place to work, as we offer career opportunities, supported by teambuilding programs and extensive training plans. We often organize social events and there are plenty of occasions to get involved in social responsibility activities.


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