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 At Office Depot, team buildings have become a long-standing tradition, always highly anticipated by our #officedepotpeople. Last year, we wanted to keep the tradition alive, even though organizing an interactive team building is a lot more challenging when most of us are working from home.  What we’ve learned about virtual team building is that it has the power to make remote teams… More details »

Maria’s Office Depot journey This is my first experience working in a big company and I didn’t have any expectations on the first day. I remember that all I wanted was to feel welcomed and safe. And that happened, but how could it not with the cool and friendly team of mine? (thank you, girls!)  I adapted to the environment… More details »

About Rares   I am a Credit Controller for the France Contract team. To be concise, my main responsibilities are to check the clients’ accounts and contact them for the payment of their invoices. Also, I oversee the validation of their orders, following the Office Depot procedures. I’ve been in OD since February 2019, and I can say that I’ve experienced a fast-ascending journey. After the first 2-3 months, I was able to know my way around the tools and processes that we use, but there are… More details »

About Simona  I am an HR Specialist and I have been part of the Recruiting team at Office Depot for more than 2 years. My job is to find the right people for our team and to make sure they have a pleasant experience with the company from the very start. As a recruiter, I am mainly responsible for external recruiting, but I am also involved in some internal recruiting processes. Also, I get to represent… More details »

About Ioana  I’m an Office Depot member since 2017, working as a Senior Credit Control Specialist, or, in other words, a debt collector, so basically I collect the money that our customers owe us. I chase money for a living, literally. 😊  Office Depot journey  The Office Depot journey, so far, has been both challenging and rewarding, but, you know what they say: “nothing worth having comes easy”, right? Office Depot invests in people, experiences, the… More details »

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