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Monthly Archives: 2020

Maria’s Office Depot journey This is my first experience working in a big company and I didn’t have any expectations on the first day. I remember that all I wanted was to feel welcomed and safe. And that happened, but how could it not with the cool and friendly team of mine? (thank you, girls!)  I adapted to the environment… More details »

About Rares   I am a Credit Controller for the France Contract team. To be concise, my main responsibilities are to check the clients’ accounts and contact them for the payment of their invoices. Also, I oversee the validation of their orders, following the Office Depot procedures. I’ve been in OD since February 2019, and I can say that I’ve experienced a fast-ascending journey. After the first 2-3 months, I was able to know my way around the tools and processes that we use, but there are… More details »

About Simona  I am an HR Specialist and I have been part of the Recruiting team at Office Depot for more than 2 years. My job is to find the right people for our team and to make sure they have a pleasant experience with the company from the very start. As a recruiter, I am mainly responsible for external recruiting, but I am also involved in some internal recruiting processes. Also, I get to represent… More details »

About Ioana  I’m an Office Depot member since 2017, working as a Senior Credit Control Specialist, or, in other words, a debt collector, so basically I collect the money that our customers owe us. I chase money for a living, literally. 😊  Office Depot journey  The Office Depot journey, so far, has been both challenging and rewarding, but, you know what they say: “nothing worth having comes easy”, right? Office Depot invests in people, experiences, the… More details »

About Vlad I am the Team Manager for the MDM Scrum Operations team and we are responsible for product data maintenance across the EU7 region within Office Depot. To offer a few examples, we perform different changes needed for the products in our assortments, such as cost change, delivery method change, VAT change, and others, making sure that the information… More details »

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