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About Vlad  I am the Team Manager for the MDM Scrum Operations team and we are responsible for product data maintenance across the EU7 region within Office Depot. To offer a few examples, we perform different changes needed for the products in our assortment, such as cost change, delivery method change, VAT change, and others, making sure that the information is aligned… Citește mai departe »

About Andreea  I’ve had a nice and fruitful journey within Office Depot, for which I’m very grateful.   At present, I’m the Manager of Data Management Services France team, within the Sales Operations department. I take care of Contract customer implementation and lifecycle.   It’s a role that gives me the opportunity to work closely with my team (of course), but also… Citește mai departe »

About Giulio  Hi, I’m Giulio Medda and I joined Office Depot and the SSC in Cluj 8 years ago.   I joined Office Depot directly in Cluj and as Director of the SSC. The name of my role did not change much from the beginning besides a period of two years where I was also the Director of HR operation Europe. However, my responsibilities changed very much over the years as the company kept… Citește mai departe »

  About Claudiu  I work as an accountant and my main responsibility is to have a happy Finance Manager. To achieve this, I must do the following: check the group and statutory Trial Balance,  prepare the invoices for the services rendered by the SSC, manage (from an accounting pov) the fixed assets, calculate and check depreciation and lease expenses, prepare and book the accruals (bonuses, revenues), prepare the payments… Citește mai departe »

About Bogdan  I am currently a Team Manager for the Cash Application team (Accounts Receivable). My main responsibilities are somehow split into 2 focus areas: people management and process management. I’ve always liked working with people, even though on many occasions the challenges are much higher than the one would encounter in managing processes. However, once you can put together a functional team, not just from… Citește mai departe »

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