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Career Starter Program alumni give their feedback

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The Office Depot SSC Career Starter Program is a learning-focused internship that aims at making our activity more well known among Cluj students. To this purpose, for four weeks, starting with November 19, ten selected students from “Babeş-Bolyai” University came to Office Depot for four hours a day and learned about the Center’s processes from our colleagues in all departments through shadowing and practical activities.

The feedback we have received was very positive and we will definitively launch more editions of this program in the future! Here is what the first generation of participants had to say:

“I enjoyed the most the atmosphere and the teams working in Office Depot. I am also very happy that I managed to improve my language skills.” (Ana-Maria Marchiş)

“I have definitely enjoyed the general atmosphere, the people I met and the Fun Room. I would like to thank you for this wonderful opportunity. I would definitely recommend this internship to my friends, as it is the best way to learn how a multinational company operates and it offers you the chance to understand whether it suits your personality or not.” (Diana Şimon)

“I particularly enjoyed the company culture and values and the way they were reflected in the behavior and way of conduct of the employees. I also liked the friendliness and openness towards us, the interns, and the attention given to us. This program is a great opportunity to get an insight into the worklife of a multinational company and also to experience what working for Office Depot really means. In this way, interns can test whether they would actually like such a job and which department best suits their personality. Whether you decide to apply for a position in Office Depot or not, the concepts learned during the internship and the people met here are already a great gain. Thank you for this great opportunity and keep up with the good work!” (Hasadia Pop)

“I would recommend this internship to my colleagues, because it is very interesting, offers a good overview of the company’s processes and it can be very useful for potential employment.” (Bianca Dragoş)

In fact, we are very happy to say that two of the participants have already become our colleagues! If you are interested in finding out more about Office Depot, stay tuned for the next internship opportunity or, if you already know you want to work here, check out the open positions and send us your CV!

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