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And then there was the Charity Board…

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Management waited very little after the SSC opened for business to engage in social charitable activities. In less than 1 year after opening their Cluj office, a group of 10 enthusiastic associates were chosen to decide what social projects to involve the company into. They thus formed the Office Depot Charity Board – a group of people dedicated to organizing activities which can draw interest and involvement for the purpose of charity; a group who welcomed the challenge of helping those in need by putting their creativity, energy and resources to the test.

So the Charity Board was founded in May 2009 as a partner of United Way Romania ( in a joint effort to raise money to fund projects in Cluj-Napoca that cover areas such as education, health, social and professional integration. The main two campaigns to date were the June 2009 Office Depot SSC Cluj-Napoca Charity Month, and the December 2009 Shoe Box of Joy Campaign. The results were outstanding and extremely encouraging for future endeavors. The June 2009 campaign succeeded in raising 18.000 Euros for social assistance, and the December 2009 one gathered over 320 Christmas gifts for less fortunate youth of all ages.

In between the 2 campaigns, the more notable activity of the Cluj SSC Charity Board &Co was to spend a whole Saturday painting the walls of a children’s home and playing with them the rest of the day, when the work was over. It was an extremely rewarding and very useful experience which gave birth to friendships both between associates as well as with the children and staff! Can’t wait this year’s challenges!

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