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13 Years of Office Depot – Interview with Maria Catana

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Maria’s Office Depot journey

This is my first experience working in a big company and I didn’t have any expectations on the first day. I remember that all I wanted was to feel welcomed and safe. And that happened, but how could it not with the cool and friendly team of mine? (thank you, girls!) 

I adapted to the environment very easily as on the floor I didn’t hear only vendor names but also jokes and laughs. I wish I would have spent more than a month there and learn things faster but at least I have this sparkly team that supports me and is very patient during remote work (thank you again, girls!) 

In the beginning, everything was impressive, from the office arrangement to all the filters that Oracle, Aparo, SAP, etc. have. And all this attention to detail coming from all OD employees made me want to be more responsible, not only at work but also with my private life. And I have to praise myself to the skies and tell you that since I am here, I am not only more responsible but also more organized and persevering. (thank you all!) 

If we stop for a second to think how we all get to end up at OD we will realize that it was not a coincidence. Maybe someday you lost the bus, drunk the coffee too fast or the beer too slowly, or you took a city break to forget a problem that now doesn’t even mean something anymore. All these little things lead us here. Here, to OD, where we have lived unique experiences and had unique conversations with unique people. Some things are meant to be. I bet you also grew professionally and personally at OD and have great stories to tell, and this is because you are surrounded by the right people, at the right time. I am saying all this because I once read this quote that twisted my mind and every time I feel blessed I re-read it. “The universe has existed for billions of years and by chance, we end up living at the same time. That counts for something.” 

Happy anniversary! 

PS: Now let’s go back to work! 

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