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13 Years of Office Depot – interview with Ileana Popovici

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About Ileana 

I am a Senior Training & Quality Specialist for the EU CASH Application department, supporting, developing, and delivering training programs, analyzing data, and supporting Operations Managers and Team Managers in identifying areas of focus in terms of Quality Improvement. 

 Office Depot journey  

I began my journey in Office Depot as a Process Analyst for the Credit &Collection UK&Ireland team, then after beginning the Dutch language courses I applied for a CASH Application position. After only 3 months, I was promoted to Specialist for the Benelux team. Working for the CASH department felt like a „detective’s work” which was very intriguing. I continued learning the processes and soon after that, I was in charge of training the new starters. This has been the start of my training life that I loved, and I still do and will always remember it fondly.   

First day at Office Depot 

Funny fact: I was actually late for my first day because I couldn’t find the building and when I entered the room, I saw all eyes on me and thought that „this was it: now everybody will remember me as being late”. Of course, this was soon forgotten as the rest of the day was full of induction activities and getting to know each other :).

A long term-relationship with Office Depot 

This is a relationship of mutual respect that was nurtured throughout these past 13 years mostly through employee recognition. 

The people of Office Depot are… 

…inquisitive, eager to learn, positive, and active. 


 I consider to have had a natural motivation to do my best and try to get things done as efficiently as possible. 

 Advice for those who want to join Office Depot 

Be prepared to be part of a community in which you will grow both as a person and as a professional. 

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