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13 Years of Office Depot – Interview with Giulio Medda

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About Giulio 

Hi, I’m Giulio Medda and I joined Office Depot and the SSC in Cluj 8 years ago.  

I joined Office Depot directly in Cluj and as Director of the SSC. The name of my role did not change much from the beginning besides a period of two years where I was also the Director of HR operation Europe. However, my responsibilities changed very much over the years as the company kept evolving. 


Me, as well as everyone else who has been in OD for more than a few years, knows that adaptation is the most important quality while working here.  

In the beginning, we were looking for standardization and for ways to extend the SSC capabilities to other departments and countries. Subsequently, we underwent quite a few transformations with the number of people, functions, countries moving up and down like in a roller coaster, and this is still not finished. 

First day at Office Depot 

My first day in OD was also my first day in the SSC and being a foreigner, also my first day in Cluj. I remember it was the same day we had planned a visit from the European Executive team, and the atmosphere was rightfully tensed. I was impressed by the way everybody was able to keep a cool head and work under the pressure and how things ran smoothly. We all celebrated when the visit ended with success. It was a nice way to start and it definitely wasn’t a typical “first day”, when we normally try to figure out where everything is, how the coffee machine works or how to log in to the new PC. 

Why Office Depot? 

I remember the previous SSC director telling me how proud he was of having completed 4 years inside the company. Well, guess what? I’ve already doubled his time…and still counting. 

Advice to those who would like to join Office Depot 

I am a person who was always loyal to the companies I worked for, and that is because I always properly evaluate a job before accepting an offer. This is a piece of advice I like to give to people when they are planning to join us or to make a lateral movement inside the company. Make sure you do not run from an old job and that you go with excitement towards a new job.  

8 years later I am still here, still full of energy and enjoying every day inside the company. Despite the unprecedented situation that we are currently facing, I’m still convinced I made the right choice by coming to Office Depot. 

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