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13 Years of Office Depot – Interview with Claudiu Nagy

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About Claudiu 
I work as an accountant and my main responsibility is to have a happy Finance Manager. To achieve this, I must do the following: check the group and statutory Trial Balance,  prepare the invoices for the services rendered by the SSC, manage (from an accounting pov) the fixed assets, calculate and check depreciation and lease expenses, prepare and book the accruals (bonuses, revenues), prepare the payments forecast for the next 12 weeks, intercompany reconciliation, book the salary bank statement, month-end reports prepare reports for bank and auditors and other interesting accounting tasks. 


Office Depot journey 

My initial role was that of an accountant but after years of struggle and tremendous effort and after eliminating the competition I achieved the current role of accountant. It seems like a lack of ambition but in fact, I just enjoy what I am doing 😊. 


First day at Office Depot 
It happened so long ago that I don’t remember much. What I remember is that it was a mix of excitement and anxiety.  


 Why Office Depot? 

It’s just convenience … I’m joking. I think that if you find a job where you have a good 

relationship with your manager, where you get along with your colleagues and where you are content with what you are doing you shouldn’t change it. 


The people of Office Depot are… 
…overdosed with optimism, and regarding the managers, they apply the Open-Door policy. 


I think I’ve grown especially personally by trying to emulate my colleagues involved in fundraising campaigns for disadvantaged children.  


Advice for those who want to join Office Depot
Go for it! You won’t regret it! 



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