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13 Years of Office Depot – Interview with Adina Alexe

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About Adina 

For the past 7 years, I have led the Credit Support UK/IE team into achieving the best a team can. Since 2019 I am also offering support to the European Reporting team. Our main responsibilities are to support the operational teams in achieving high performances, throughout carrying different support processes, maintaining relationships with 3rd parties, producing large analysis and reports to highlight the improvement areas for the AR department, financial situations or day to day activities. Our ultimate goal is to learn, develop, and have fun while we bring perspectives that help contour the business’ direction forward.   

Office Depot journey 

I joined Office Depot in the summer of 2011, after having graduated a master’s degree in London and one in Cluj. I started as a Process Assistant, looking after a portfolio of British customers. I soon changed teams as a Process Analyst to the Support team I coordinate today. By learning new concepts such as O2C and diving into the details of different processes my picture of the business started to become more and more colourful. Not long after I took on the opportunity of becoming a Process Specialist and soon after a Team Leader, returning for a short while to my first process, Collection. The 1st of January 2015 meant me taking on my current role, first as a Team Lead and since September 2016 as a Team Manager, leading the Credit Support team into what it represents today – one of the best team there is now-, as well as the EU AR Reporting team.  

Why Office Depot 

My time spent so far in Office Depot is all due to the people I work with daily. My teams, that are the core of my job, that bring me constant joy and with whom I have developed a strong connection even outside the OD walls; my direct manager that has always been by my side and supports my development, appreciates my work and unconditionally offers his support. I honestly think the people are the core of any business and to this respect, I trust we are doing a very good job here.  


It has been 9 amazing years for me. I had the opportunity to learn so many things about the industry, working with people and even about me. I have learnt that no matter what happens a crown needs to be worn with the head high; that mistakes can and will happen and are the best lesson a person can get. That will is so much more important than skill, not only in recruitment processes, but on a daily basis;  that if one offers trust receives trust in return; that when one really invests and believes the rewards will come sooner or later and that if they never show up the path taken did not explore the full potential; that road bumps are just road bumps that define a moment in time and not an entire existence; that for a people’s manager the success of your people is your success and this is the only way to quantify it; that devotement and loyalty are not always rewarded, but when they do they amount to the best feeling in the world. That persistence is key to success, as is adapting and understanding the big picture. That there are battles that deserve being fought and some that simply don’t. That one day one looks back with pride to the people that are now managers but were once under their wing. My “extended team” – how I like to think about everyone who has ever been or is now in any of my teams throughout times – is now scattered throughout high jobs, from Team Leaders to Trainers to Senior Reporting Specialists and so much more. That the only constant is the change. And that at the end of the day when one goes to sleep needs to be satisfied with the day it leaves behind and excited about the one is going to wake up to.  

 Advice for those who want to join Office Depot

There is one thing I always say, especially in recruitment: will over skill. So, to anyone out there who wants to join us come willing to learn, to have fun, to develop and with that in mind systems and procedures will be learnt in no time. Where there is a will there is power. 

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