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The Shoe-Box of Joy. Together as One

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The December charity campaign was a great achievement both because over 620 children and young people received necessary goods for Xmas, and because it brought together as organizers, under the coordination of United Way, 4 important companies operating in Cluj: Office Depot, Endava, Genpact and Iulius Mall. They united their resources, made time to organize and advertise the campaign, and turned it into yet another notable accomplishment.

All the associates working at these companies had 15 days to fill given gift boxes – courtesy of Rondocarton – with articles necessary for everyday use, wrap them up neatly, and help build a great wall of boxes of joy to give away to youngsters with ages ranging between 0-24. Once again, Office Depot SSC associates proved their worth and built a wall of over 320 Christmas gifts, each worth between 25 and 35 RON. With the assistance of United Way, the gifts reached their beneficiaries and placed more than a few smiles on children’s faces

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