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Under the 2016 “Be a Joy Builder” motto of the Charity Board we have managed to complete yet another successful round of the Shoe Box of Joy campaign. This year we managed to prepare a little over 250 presents for children in different areas of Cluj-Napoca. This was all done from the big hearts of our colleagues who never cease… More details »

The morning of July the 26th was not an ordinary one for the children of the two centers: the Children’s Home “Aksza” and the day center “Acoperământul Maicii Domnului”. Even the late sleepers woke up earlier than usual. A little girl’s mother confessed with excitement and a bit of tiredness in her voice ”She’s been awake since 6 o’clock and… More details »

We are happy to announce you that the funds raised at this summer’s Food Fair “Shape Your Taste” have been used to support the extreme makeover of the “Aksza” home. Food Fair is one of the most popular events that our Charity Board organizes. It is impressive to see how many people put soul into creating culinary masterpieces and how… More details »

Just when winter had started to show, when the fallen snow was letting us know holidays were coming and the cold was trying to convince everyone to go back to sleep, in the Asociaţia Familia Regăsită’s Center (AFR) in Cluj-Napoca there was a big fuss. Fluffy toys, notebooks, books, colored pencils, mugs, plates, clothes or pieces of furniture … things… More details »