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“Shape Your Taste” Food Fair follow-up

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We are happy to announce you that the funds raised at this summer’s Food Fair “Shape Your Taste” have been used to support the extreme makeover of the “Aksza” home.

Food Fair is one of the most popular events that our Charity Board organizes. It is impressive to see how many people put soul into creating culinary masterpieces and how many appreciate their efforts by tasting and donating the funds to charitable actions! We truly appreciate your support, enthusiasm and creativity!

“Aksza” is an association that lodges more than 20 lovely children and in order to extend their operating permit and to offer decent living conditions, they had to renovate their house.

A big round of applause goes to our volunteers: Dana Avram, Adela Borbely, Dana Crisan, Andrei Duhanes, Claudia Goga, Razvan Hinda, Andreea Mazere, Laura Radu and  Andreea Raducanu. They contributed by painting two of their rooms and by helping with the house cleaning.

It was fun to juggle with rollers and brushes, to see smiles on painted faces, “to play” the brooms, to feel tired, but extremely happy that by giving a little he were able to help a lot!

The children and the Charity Board thank you all for your contribution and they invite you to enjoy the pictures attached.

Stay tuned for our next event.

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