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Process Improvement Competition

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The Process Improvement Board decided to start this spring with a burst of energy. Therefore, all the associates within the Shared Service Center were able to participate to a never-before-seen competition, held between 3rd and 7th of March.

The reasons behind this action were to ensure that we align to the company’s strategy, to throw them the gauntlet in what improvement of a process is concerned and create an overall mindset in this direction.

There were a total of 36 teams that were competing side by side in order to get the big prize. This contest was split into 3 stages. The first one was challenging the participants to solve 3 logic games and 3 Tangram puzzles; the second one was meant to encourage team work by applying the structural rules of the 5S game; the last round was the most exciting one, for sure. The 3 remaining teams in the competition had to race to Auchan and buy 5 specific items. And let us tell you: this was not an easy task. They had to use plenty of strategic tricks, to concentrate and to mix all these ingredients with speed and determination.

Everything was for a good reason, due to the fact that the prizes were more than tempting:  1st place – a teambuilding in Răchițele with all expenses included, 2nd place – a lovely dinner for the entire team and  3rd place – a lovely lunch at Marty restaurant.

Here are some thoughts from the winning team, and not only, about the entire event:

“It was an interesting and engaging competition. I liked that it was throughout the whole week, which kept us in the spirit of competing. The quality of the games was good. All in all, good organization and a nice touch with the “interactive” posters next to the elevators.” (Mihai Spiță)

“It gave me a sense of togetherness, we acted as a team and we had fun.” (Ioana Dascalopol)

“I think it was awesome: active, involving the entire team, hard at some point, original. I liked some of the games like Tangram and the Auchan race.  I would like to see more competitions of this kind.” (Ștefania Indrei)

“I consider that this contest managed to awaken the competitive side of each and every one of us. It was a project where the most important part was logical thinking and everybody was fighting to obtain good results for their team. The prizes were great and motivated us; the organizational aspects were exemplary. I hope this event will become a habit within our company, due to the fact that all-in-all it was a great success.” (Andrei Olariu)

“The contest was challenging and different than the other contests in SSC. It was motivating and had clever organizational puzzles. The good part wasn’t even the prize (although I’m looking forward to go to Rachitele 🙂 ), it was actually the trill offered by the complexity of the challenges. Thanks and I’m looking forward to more contests like this one!” (Andreea Man)

“I think the PI Board competition brought a very innovative approach towards the way we see the process improvement.The challenges were diverse, interesting and fun at the same time. The ranking system was also accurate and fair for everyone.The rewards were a huge motivation factor which determined each and every team to get involve and stretch their time limits and think outside the box. And lets not forget …we WON ! Thanks 🙂 ” (Oana Petrescu)

“It was a good opportunity to interact with colleagues from other regions as well. This project was fun and original.”  (Alexandra Iacob)

“The games brought out everyone’s competitive side and the prizes were a very good incentive.” (Cătălina Prunduș)

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