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A different kind of teambuilding

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What it wasn’t: games, talks and dining, a party with fancy dresses or a relaxing day; what it was: a good old fashioned house building with red hard hats and red overalls. Looking like Santa’s helpers and setting an example of teamwork, the OD managers headed out on a misty Tuesday morning to tackle a new kind of challenge. Armed with somewhat different tools than the ones used in the office, they got to work.

Between all the insulating, plastering and building of a roof, there were moments of fun and a great feeling of satisfaction at the end of the day.

Although the setting was different, it still needed a great deal of collaboration, good communication and sometimes relying on someone else to do their part well in order for others to be able to do theirs. Just like in the office.

The film of the event will forever mark the memory of that day. Watch it here.

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