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Future – Building with passion, Office Depot edition

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Future – Building with passion is an unconventional training program developed by Mădălina Hodorog, trainer and associate professor at UBB. The purpose of the program is to improve the soft skills of the students, skills that are becoming more and more important in the current labor market.

“The labor market needs more passionate people. To achieve this, students need to discover their own strengths, at their own pace. The Future program involves weekly meetings, during which the students develop skills such as creative thinking, team-work, responsibility, communication and more.”(Mădălina Hodorog, trainer and associate professor at UBB)

More than 130 people signed up for the Office Depot edition of the Future program, but only 40 were selected. During a 6-month period, the students will attend weekly training sessions. Focusing on a different kind of learning, the program brings together students, Office Depot professionals, and college professors who want to bring their contribution to shaping the new generation.

“We are eager to help our employees improve their language skills and their soft and hard skills. We believe it is important to start even before they become our employees. We support the development process internally, but self-discovery must start during school in order to be successfully applied in the professional area. Here, we know we can make a difference through a long-term commitment, such as the Future program. In this way, we can discover the labor market through hands-on experience and we can adjust our strategy accordingly.” (Carmen Bindas, HR manager at Office Depot Shared Service Center Europe)

During the training sessions, the participants have the opportunity to cultivate their skills, while also meeting the Office Depot team and discovering professional opportunities inside the company. The most recent activity was a fun, interactive tour of the company. The students had the opportunity to get a real feel of the company and have open discussions with the people of Office Depot.

“The reason why we decided to take part in the Future program is that we truly identify with the mission of the program, which is the development of the necessary skills for getting a job, but also the idea of #EducațieAltfel (a different kind of education). As an employer, we are part of the community and we have the desire to give back engraved in our DNA. Also, this program comes in addition to the initiatives we have carried out so far. We are excited to start building the Future together!” (GIULIO MEDDA, General Manager of Office Depot Shared Service Center Europe)

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