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Dragon Boat Competition

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The week of the 9th to 15th of May was and will remain memorable for the two Dragon crews (although we felt and acted more like Spartans!) from OD and for our supporters as well. The week started with the first training on Tuesday afternoon when we realized, first of all, how much we like to be a team and second, to get involved in this new sport, that we encountered for the first time! Having the moon way up on the sky for a since quite a while, we had to leave behind the lake and head towards our fluffy beddings!

Thursday meant regrouping in battle formation of the two crews. Although we all felt that some parts of our body parts were fighting against hitting the water again, nobody retreated, instead, we gathered our strength and faced the new session fearlessly. Once in the boats, having the paddles in our hands, it did not matter how fresh or less fresh we were or felt like, and actually everything came naturally as we found resources that we have not thought of having hidden somewhere… thus once again we set a meeting with the moon and were late to our already scheduled meeting with our well-deserved sleep!

Many would say that Friday, the 13th, is an unlucky day! Not us! It proved to be a day of rest, of strategic planning and gathering strength for what was about to take place the following day.

Together with a group of passionate supporters, the two teams reported for duty, ready to do their best and have a wonderful race against time along with the other teams enrolled in this competition.

After a well-structured warm-up session, the teams dressed up for the „party” with the orange life vests, being ready for boarding and most of all to get to the finish line in the shortest time possible. With the raffle, fate has decided that in one of the races the two OD teams, OD1 and OD2, would have to race eachother. Some may say that we had to compete against each other but the truth is that each team raced against the timer, this being our only formidable opponent (or so we thought until the endurance races have started when time was our ally and our destiny’s rudder was taken over by…someone else than ourselves…more on this later on).

The two races (200m sprint and 400m endurance) were much disputed, the two crews successfully coping with all the challenges and having a great performance. Each of the 10 rowers was focused on what to do and followed the drummer’s directions, who is considered to be the dragon’s heart!

The two crews had a blast at the races and OD1 even got the bronze medal at the sprint tryout and at the endurance they managed to get the best time, thus being proclaimed as the uncontestable winners of the tryout, but due to a procedural flaw…and the rudder of the boat (we steered around the buoys in an original manner), thus forfeiting the race and losing the golden medal and the Dragon Boat trophy.

What we were left with was an incredible experience, a wonderful, dedicated and determined team, that will bring home all the golden medals and the Dragon Boat trophy next year.


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