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A December to Remember

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December is an extremely busy month at Office Depot. The year is drawing to an end so we’re getting ready to wrap up our business and take a well-deserved break. But before wrapping our business we wrapped some beautiful gifts for children in need, got some nice office decorations and baked yummy cookies.

Below you can see what busy bees we’ve been this month:

We started with a Christmas Fair with handmade items, sold by the associations we are working with this year: Acoperământul Maicii Domnului, Asociația Familia Regăsită, Căsuța Bucuriei and Arca lui Noe, the animal welfare association. Thus, on December 11th at the 4th floor Reception we had the opportunity to buy some wonderful hand-made Christmas decorations and cards. The very next day some volunteers from our company went to Căsuța Bucuriei and baked some Christmasy treats along with the kids. On the 17th we had a small Christmas Party in the office, nothing fancy, just the classic gingerbread cookies and egnog, on carols and Christmas songs soundtrack. We all had fun and socialized. Those of us who are parents had the opportunity to take their kids the next day to a series of workshops with Santa Claus, powered by Galeria de Idei. Thoughout this time, we had a very engaging competition on Facebook as to which team made the perfect Christmas picture, given a series of compulsory elements.

Next, we were delighted to have our teams share some Christmas cheer with our annual Shoe Box of Joy event, which has become quite a beloved tradition and this year it had a twist. On behalf of Santa’s Elves we have managed to get our hands on the children’s actual letters to Santa. Then either alone or with the help of colleagues we made a child’s Christmas dream come true.

On the 21st of December we met with the kids, they sang us some carols, we had some hot chocolate and last but not least we saw their faces light up while opening their Christmas presents.

And that my friends

Is how another year ends

With gifts and cookies

And new office rookies

With a bright Christmass tree

And some Office Depot Glee.

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