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Future – Building with passion is an unconventional training program developed by Mădălina Hodorog, trainer and associate professor at UBB. The purpose of the program is to improve the soft skills of the students, skills that are becoming more and more important in the current labor market. “The labor market needs more passionate people. To achieve this, students need to discover… More details »

Since Office Depot is now in its 11th year in Romania, here is our 11th – last but not least – Brand Ambassador. Cosmina believes that in a fast paced environment, people are part of the company’s change. Change is also the key word that describes Cosmina as she discovers more about herself in the new role.  We are glad… More details »

We are delighted to present you our next Brand Ambassador who is known also as our Candy Trainer. Ileana, a very jolly person, believes that the hiccups on the road helped her grow into the person she is today. More details about her detailed trip in Office Depot you can find below.  1. Please tell us something personal about yourself…. More details »

The good you do to others will return to you and we are proud of having great colleagues at Office Depot. Laura Radu defines great colleagues as individuals with whom you can talk about anything. If we need something, we feel no obstacle in going and asking for help or information. More details about Laura’s discussion you can find below…. More details »

Serious, dedicated and cheerful, Alina is one of our dear colleagues who strives to bring excellence in her work. Not only is she hardworking but also patient in achieving her goals.  We are happy to have her as a role model. Below you can find more details about her detailed trip in Office Depot.  1. Tell us something about yourself…. More details »

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