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Brand Ambassador – Anca Buzan

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We continue telling you more about our dear associates. Today we share with you the story of Anca Buzan who appreciates most that she developed her ability to adapt and respond effectively to changing situations. We are happy to have associates like Anca who are striving to be better versions of themselves. Below you can find more details about her detailed trip in Office Depot.

1. Please tell us something personal about yourself.

Usually we describe ourselves through things that we do. After work, I go home because I have a little baby girl. Today, for example, she began crying because she was telling me that: ‘’I want to be all the time near you’’. I think going home helps me a lot to recharge with energy for the next day. Before I had a child, I used to go home and still look for solutions for different office problems but now I succeed in detaching myself from work and focus on the time spent with my daughter. I find this separation more productive because now I can come the next day and take it from beginning.

2. Tell us about your role in OD.

Right now, I am a Team Manager for the Cash Application Department – everything related to the payment requests for our clients. Before I went in maternity, I worked on the collection side where we had to remind our clients to pay their bills. Now I am on the other side when clients paid their bills and we are making sure that that money is allocated exactly how the client made his accounting.

3. Now going back at the beginning of your journey in OD, can you share with us what your job title was on the first day?

The first position I had in OD was of a Process Assistant for UK clients. It was a front office activity where I was discussing different problems. This was the longest role I had. I still remember a funny moment when I was taking the bus to Muncii’s office and on the bus I knew everything related to Elodia due to the old people who were commuting in the morning and chatting to each other.

4. What do you remember of your first day at OD? Describe some memories of how it was back then.

I’ve always made the comparison of having a job as a natural way of continuing faculty. I graduated faculty and then I met at this job people who were in the same phase of life as me. It was a new process, in a new company that came to Cluj. I was, back then, a student at a master degree and having my first job. I was feeling like in the first day of school when we were all gathered together asking each other who they are or who their team leader was. We had no idea what was going to happen, what this role was about or what the business procedure was. We were looking at one monitor and our colleagues from the UK were explaining to us the main steps. I felt like we were at a university course learning how to do our responsibilities properly.

5. What was the funniest moment which you experienced at the current role? What happened?

I think funny moments help connections in the office. Someone starts a discussion, we see it as a funny moment, someone adds more and the good part is that it helps you to disconnect. I like jokes and I feel great when people laugh from one idea. I remember that we had colleagues who were trying to explain to a new employee some information and we were hearing just some words and we started laughing. Or when a colleague of mine hang up the phone and told us how hard it was to explain to a client a piece of information and how hard the client understood what he wanted to say.

6. What was your biggest achievement up until now? Advise us on how to achieve success in one’s career.

I feel that the biggest achievement is at a personal level. Apart from the roles I had, I feel that I succeeded in having more trust in myself and people. As I started working here, being an introvert, managers came to me and encouraged me to do more and convinced me that I’m capable of more. This made me to get out of my comfort zone, to work on exposing myself to different situations and get involved more. At the beginning, I was busy with school and the job and didn’t have much time but after I graduated I didn’t know what to do with my free time. It was a booming period so that I became the Employee of the Month for 3 months on a row. My colleagues were telling me to stop because the targets will get higher and I was feeling that I need to do more J.

I got involved in charity events – this helped me to gain trust in myself and communicate with people. It was an inspiration for me because I realized that I could do something different apart from my role. I think an obstacle which we are facing is when the role we are having becomes a routine. I felt like I did some wonderful things – to gather funds for the charity organisations.

After this I started to take a different role from a professional point of view when I became a specialist. Then I liked it when new hires were coming and I was structuring their information so that it was easy to understand. At some point my nickname was “Anca Mapping Everything”. What gave me satisfaction were process improvements and trainings.

I do believe that what made me keep an open interest it was also the fact that I graduated sociology. There we were taught how to investigate and be an observer-participant. When I became a specialist I had the chance to do evaluations and motivate people. What I liked more in Office Depot is that we had so many resources. We talked about assertively and project and change management and these skills you can also take home. I tell other colleagues of mine that as long as you stay in this company you should enjoy this experience taking opportunities that develop different skills

7. What were the biggest challenges which you faced here? How did you manage to solve it?

A challenge from a personal level could be something related to my personality. There were many changes and at the beginning the process of change was a bit harder. The hardest was when I had too many expectations from myself and I didn’t succeed to achieve them. It’s disappointing when you put a lot of effort into something and it doesn’t go how you wished. As a manager there are many lessons I have learned so that I can have better results in the future.  I like to get involved a lot – for instance I became a mentor in a talent development programme.

8. What are the top 3 things you love about OD?  

  • People: being for a long time in the company we became friends and some of us became godparents
  • The group: I liked it a lot because even after work we used to hang out in town and we were discussing about what happened during the day
  • I like that there is interest and passion for human resources and I do appreciate all the trainings and development programs. I feel that I have grown from a professional point of view and a personal one. Here I do refer to the skills that I have developed: I found out at what I am good at or how I can work efficiently with others. A good skill that I have learned is the ability to face changes. We are exposed to different changes and I see changes as a normal way of life. I still remember that when we changed our office location it was a big fuss with whom we’re going to share our desk. Now I do feel the need of change and want it to happen and when it does happen, I don’t perceive the panic anymore.  

9. What’s your motto?

When I interact with a person I don’t put people in categories nor do I label them. I do offer people the chance to present themselves so that I see how that person really is. When we move away from stereotypes this is the time when we put the base of real relationships.



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